Sunday , October 20 2019
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Fire at Waves factory Multan Road

Lahore : Waves factory at Multan Road has been gutted due to undefined reasons .Rescue 1122 fire fighters reached the spot a little bit late as usual that caused great loss to the factory.

Factory workers after informing the rescuers started to extinguish the fire but they miserably failed to do so as chamical stocked at factory caught the flames and within minutes fire engulfed the whole area . Flames were so high that people resting in their homes felt the heat and become worried for the lives and assets.

When the help reached there sky touching flames were on its peak and the smoke has converted blue sky into black which causing breathing too.

The whole staff and resources brought there to control the fire but success seemed faraway for the fire fighters.

Loss of millions estimated but no one clearing about human loss as everybody busy to extinguish the fire.

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