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PML-N facing unseen forces in the elections : Nawaz Sharif

Lahore : Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said PML-N has no competition with PPP or PTI ,they cannot compete us rather PML-N facing unseen forces in the elections.

He was addressing a massive crowd here at Sadiqabad.

Nawaz Sharif said those forces had not allow to run the democratic system for the last 70 years and imposed the obsession , oppression ,injustice , unlawful system of governance which caused damage towards the country , this election would be a referendum so give us vote in such a majority that null and voids my disqualification and I would be able to serve the country to put it on the road of development and prosperity ,he added.

The PML-N Quaid said if people supported me then I will interlink Sadiqabad with motorways , give a plan for a house to everyman who even could not think of it and jobs would be provided to every Pakistani , Pakistan would become Asian Tiger in just a few years ,he maintained.

He asked when I did not do corruption then why I was ousted ,he questioned ? He said every vote given to PTI , PPP and independent candidates would go to unseen forces so please don’t vote them and only make successful to PML-N ticket holders in the elections.

Nawaz Sharif welcomed the new comers into the party and expressed hope that they would become an asset for the party.

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