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Shahbaz Sharif address a large public gathering in Kamalia

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that public will decide the extent to which we have served the nation. He said that we have worked hard by day and night for development of 11 Crore people of province.

Moreover he added with the support of public in coming elections we will bury the negative politics of PTI forever. There isn’t any ambiguity left now after the statement of Bilawal Bhutto that PTI has voted for PPP in senate elections. He said that strengthening of PML (N) means fortifying Pakistan and once Pakistan is strong economically by overcoming poverty and unemployment no one will ever dare to insult Pakistani passport.

He said that supreme development work being done in Pakistan under the vibrant leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in the past five years is matchless and exemplary in the country’s history.

In 2013, when Pakistan Muslim League (N) came into power, there was darkness due to electricity shortage everywhere. Our government has completed electricity projects of thousands megawatts in the last five years with the investment of billion rupees, which generate electricity for the whole Pakistan.

In 2011, electricity used to remain missed for 22 hours minimum while now there is electricity in summer as well and with the grace of Allah load shedding will be eliminated from Pakistan by the end of this year. PTI and its leader Imran Niazi through his sit-in in 2014 has not only conspired against PML (N) or Nawaz Sharif alone but made a conspiracy against 22 million people of Pakistan. The politics of Tehreek-e-Insaf is based on chaos, sit-ins, lockdown, jeopardizing organizations, attacking parliament, abuses, and allegations and offensive remarks against opponents. CM vowed that they will bury the negative politic of PTI forever if the public gives them chance to serve public again.

Shahbaz Sharif expressed these views while addressing a large public gathering in Kamalia today.

CM said that he is delighted to meet people of district Toba Tek Singh and he greets the youth, farmers, and elders in the rally with immense pleasure. He said that development projects including educational institutions, infrastructure, sports field, health plans, e-Library and supply & drainage schemes worth of 12.5 Arab has been completed in Toba Tek Singh in the last five years. Under the project “Pakiyaan Sarkaan—Sokhay Painday” fabulous carpeted roads have been constructed in rural areas which provide massive benefit to the population there. Reconstruction of DHQ Toba Tek Singh Hospital is underway with a cost of 45 Crore and the system is being run with information technology in this district hospital. High quality medicines are being provided free of charge in government hospitals. He said that Metro-bus has arrived at Multan and if we will get another chance it will brought to Faisalabad as well and we will lift Toba Tek Singh par with Faisalabad in terms of development.

Talking about the efforts of the PML (N) government to eliminate the power crisis, CM said that Federal and Punjab government has planted gas power plants of3600 megawatts at Bhakhi, Baluki and Haveli Bahadur Shah while 1320 megawatts coal power plant has been completed in Sahiwal with the investment of Chinese government.

Also 1320 megawatts of coal power plant at Port Qasim Karachi with the investment of China, is functional now. He said that the PML (N) government has worked hard for the development of the people for a long time. In the last five and a half years, the Punjab Educational Education Endowment Fund has provided educational scholarships to the poor, underprivileged and orphans worth of 11 billion and thousands of beneficiary children are now serving as doctors and engineers.

He enquired as if it is a revolution or not? Furthermore he added that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Punjab government has provided farmers with fertilizer at half cost and the subsidy of billions of rupees for electricity of tube wells. It was first time in the history of Pakistan that small farmers are given interest-free loans worth billions of rupees.

He said that the opponents who are opposing our activities, are the ones who did not even like shake hand with people in their provinces. He said that Imran Niazi has stage sit-in protest during the visit of Chinese President even though he was well aware of the fact that development projects of electricity, infrastructure, orange line metro train, Gwadar Port and others were to be signed during the visit. President of China came to Pakistan in April 2015 and signed the agreement so if Imran Khan had not wasted these07 months then the deal would have start earlier and load-shedding might had ended yet.

CM said that time has come for us to ignore our vested interests, ego and work for the collective cause which is development and prosperity of our people by making Pakistan a welfare state according to the dreams of Quaid and Iqbal. He said that there is no need for any further evidence when Bilawal Zardari mentioned that Imran Khan used to say always that they will not sit with PPP, then they voted for our Deputy Chairman Senate candidate in the Senate elections.

Moreover Shahbaz Sharif shared that we have served people selflessly in the last 5 years. We are humans and had made mistakes but then learnt from our mistakes and had tried to make Pakistan a powerful country on the map of the world. Nobody can taunt us of poor or extremists.

He said that youth is our asset and we will utilize every kind of resources for their service to provide them education and employment. The Chief Minister said that in the occupied Kashmir, sons and daughters are offering blood for freedom. The armed forces of India have oppressed Kashmiri people with every possible torture.

He said if we will get opportunity  again  then we will work hard in the next 5 years by day and night to make Pakistan economically strong and green passport will be respected at all airports. As strong as the green flag will touch the heights of growth and honors all the world’s greenhouse hotels. Will be. Insha Allah Allah will become Kashmir.

Member National Assembly Chaudhry Asad ur Rehman, Chaudhry Khalid Warraich, Aisha Raza Farooq, MPA Syed Qutab Ali Shah, Chairman District Council Toba Tek Singh Fauzia Khalid Warraich other leaders of PML(N) and huge number workers was present in the Pindal.

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