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Greek-Pakistan Chambers of Commerce sign MoU to boost trade

Lahore  : Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) and Greek-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish long term, sustainable and mutually beneficial cooperation in areas of bilateral interest for promoting trade & research, industrial linkages, trainings, education and employment opportunities between the two Chambers.

The agreement will see both organizations working closely for the economic growth of both countries through facilitation to each other’s members. Both organizations would also take joint measures to synergize efforts to accomplish share goals and to boost efficiency.

The MoU was signed by Vice President and Regional Chairman FPCCI, Ch. Arfan Yousaf and President Greek-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Maria Rubina G Markopoulou.

Ch. Arfan Yousaf said that Pakistan and Greece have been steady trading partners. However, the level of trade and economic cooperation is for below the expected levels. The volume of trade is negligible, Pakistan export to Greece 20,435US $ and import from Greece 47,155 US $ which are .02% of total Greece export and 0.1% of total imports.

Greek-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Maria Rubina G Markopoulou has said that communication gap between business circles in Pakistan and Greece must be bridged, as it is one of the biggest reasons of low trade between the two countries.

Addressing the members of the FPCCI, she said exchange of trade delegations and timely dissemination of trade and investment-related information can help boost two-way trade.

FPCCI Regional Chairman Ch. Arfan said that Pakistan exports to Greece textile yarn & fabrics of apparel & cloth accessories, leather & leather manufacturing, surgical instruments, fish rice, and sports goods. It imports from Greece pharmaceutical products, organic chemicals, paper & paper board, iron & steel, textile yarn, chemicals, fertilizers, specified machinery and cotton. Under the MoU being signed today, the parties will share business information to develop sustainable business cooperation between their respective members. Circular, News, Market Research and trade opportunities data will be shared for trade promotion.

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