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Live Stock Department distributes goats and sheep among widows

Mandi Bahauddin (Sheer Gondal) : Under Punjab Government poverty alleviation program,  the Live Stock Department on Friday distributed 428 goats and sheep to 214 poor widows from Mandi Bahauddin and Malakwal  subdivisions, (at a scale of two sheep or goats per widow) who are mother of school or college going children and have one acre of land or less.

The lucky 214 applicants  were selected after verifying personal details of all applicants by livestock department officials with cooperation of revenue and union council’s officials.

The sheep and goats were stamped with number and the lucky applicants were asked to pick up a ballot   from the bucket containing ballots equal to number of cattle inscribed with serial with numbers.

It may be mentioned that earlier in first stage of Alleviation of Poverty Scheme disabled and handicapped window were given milch buffaloes and cows with their calves. In second stage widows having one acre or less agricultural land and school or college gaining children were given heifers of breeding age.

The scheme has greatly helped widows to earn sustainable income to run their house affairs in a dignified and self-respecting manner.

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