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Imran khan to putup or shutup : Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has asked Chairman PTI Imran khan to put up his allegations or shutup his mouth,he was addressing a press conference here at 180-H Model Town.

Shahbaz Sharif presented himself as a clean man and said he never did anything beyond legal limits but his opposer Imran Khan was a bybirth liar.He mentioned Imran Khan ‘s five lies including Faisal Subhan , Corruption charges on Lahore Metro , Money making through Javaid Sadiq , ten billions offer to keep silent during Panama Leaks case hearing , billions tree and electricity generation of 74 megawatt.

He appealed to the court to inquires the allegations of Imran Khan, he will leave the politics if found guilty and if Imran khan proved a liar than he should quit politics and join some pir’s hujra.

The Chief Minister said the defamation case took so long time that it was almost impossible to get justice here in Pakistan ,he said that he had hired services of a legal firm in UK to sue a TV channel which broadcasted fake news against him.

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