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Nawaz Sharif is my Quaid ; Shahbaz Sharif assure PML-N workers

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif visited Pattoki today and inaugurated different projects besides laying the foundation stones of many new schemes. He laid the foundation stone of overhead bridge project at Hala Road Bypass in Pattoki for interconnecting the localities residing on both sides. This projects will be completed in July this year with a cost of 35 crore rupees. He inaugurated Government College Allahabad which has been constructed with the cost of 10 crore rupees. On the occasion, the THQ Hospital Kot Radha Kishan was also inaugurated by the Chief Minister completing with the cost of 13 crore rupees.

Addressing a large public gathering in Pattoki, the Chief Minister said that PML-N government has spent billion of rupees on the development of Kasur District and different health, education and infrastructure projects have been completed with resources amounting to billions of rupees.

He announced construction of Kanganpur-Pattoki dual carriageway, new road from Pattoki to Hala and establishment of hospital in Phoolnagar. He also announced establishment of university in Kasur, ten speedo buses for Pattoki and new wonderful public parks in Pattoki and Chunian.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he visited Pattoki when Zardari imposed governor’s raj in Punjab and a mammoth ocean of the people got it ended. Today, an ocean of the people is witness to the fact that PML-N will rule the whole country in 2018.

He said that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has got me elected as acting president of the PML-N. He has been deprived of the party presidency but his love cannot be removed from the hearts of the people as he lives in public hearts and in fact, Nawaz Sharif symbolizes Pakistan. He is a statesman and a great son of our politics. Today, resolution has been passed in central executive committee meeting to elevate Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as a lifelong party Quaid. He will always be party Quaid and we shall progress and move further jointly under his leadership.

He said that Orange Line Metro Train has been run on trial basis and this project will start soon to provide honorable traveling facilities to the people. He said that a delay of 22 months has occurred in this project due to Imran Niazi who speaks lies day and night. He said that people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa trusted Imran Niazi and brought him to power four and a half years ago but he has economically ruined the province. Niazi Sahib, wasted precious time of the nation through sit-in and lockdown and promoted a culture of name-calling. Khan Sahib boosted of producing 74 megawatt electricity in KPK. I put a question to him that if he has produce this electricity in space because it’s non-existing on earth. The same Khan Sahib claimed that he will develop hospitals and educational institutions instead of wasting resources on metro bus in Peshawar.

He has not developed hospitals nor any educational institutions and after a lapse of four and a half years, the whole Peshawar city has been dig out recklessly when they thought of starting metro bus there.

The Chief Minister said that he filed a defamation case of ten billion rupees against Imran Khan and then sent a notice of 27 billion rupees but this Khan Sahib is avoiding the court. Yesterday, he has appeared along with a bundle of allegations about Multan Metro Bus and a person namely Subhan Khan.

I request the Chief Justices of High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan to constitute full bench for investigating the matter. If I am proved wrong then I shall beg pardon from the nation and leave the politics arena for once and for all. If Khan Sahib is proved wrong about his allegations then he should set the politics aside and sit in some room to learn speaking the truth. Khan Sahib speaks lies abundantly that he should form a party of liars because he has no relation with Tehree-e-Insaaf. Khan Sahib, the nation will not allow your falsehood to succeed, he added. On the other side, there is Zardari Sahib whose government has ruined Karachi City. Once Karachi was a beautiful metropolis which was called a city of lights. Now, filth and garbage is everywhere and rundown buses are plying on the roads. This is a pitiable situation in Karachi. If the people succeeded PML-N in 2018 elections, then Peshawar and Karachi will be developed as modern cities as like Lahore.

Chief Minister said that Khan Sahib made false claim of producing electricity but PML-N government made investments to the tune of billions of rupees in energy projects and load shedding is about to an end.  He said that elections will be held after four months and if we are again given an opportunity of public service then I promise that work will be soon started on Kasur University project.

He said that 2018 elections is the voting for development and prosperity and added that PML-N has selflessly served the masses. We shall eliminate poverty and unemployment to make this country a Pakistan of Iqbal and Jinnah.

Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Iqbal, MNAs, MPAs and a large number of people were present on the occasion.

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