Tuesday , June 2 2020
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Ice factories to get license before starting production : PFA

Lahore : Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has asked ice factory owners for getting licence from authority till May 8, otherwise strict action will be taken against responsible as per law after ending deadline.

In this regard, PFA has directed Food Business Operators (FBOs) associated to ice factory business, they will use only filtered water for making ice and water should be approved from authority lab.

Ice factory owners will be bounded to check their water samples from PFA’s laboratory on monthly basis and compile it record. PFA has also directed for not using any chemical contaminated water for making ice quickly.

All refrigeration equipments should be neat and clean from zink/rust and they will use only food grade vehicles for transportation of ice from one place to another place. Production area should be neat and hygienic from any germs and insects.

Director General PFA Noor ul Amin Mengal said that the use of ice increased in summer as usual and some black-sheep starts to plays with the prestigious lives of people by using harmful components in the preparing of ice just in lure of money.

PFA will not spare anyone after ending the deadline in case of not compliance the PFA’s instructions.

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