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Future of Airline Industry is rapidly changing : Ch. Arfan Yousaf

Lahore: We live in the world of connectivity, Future of Airline Industry is rapidly changing; the growth of Industry is strongly associated with the phenomenon of globalization. Pakistan offer tremendous opportunities for businesses and CPEC Projects have further increased Pakistan’s Regional importance. Addition of Flynas to our Air connectivity will robust our cooperation.

Ch. Arfan Yousaf, Regional Chairman and Vice President of The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) share these views on the inauguration of Flynas Airline.

Ch. Arfan Yousaf, Regional Chairman and Vice President FPCCI said Saudi Arabia is the largest trading partner of Pakistan in the Middle East. Pakistani leaders pay more visits to Saudi Arabia than to any other country.

A largest number of Pakistani workers living abroad are living in Saudi Arabia, an estimated 2.7-million-strong Pakistani community residing in Saudi Arabia. Their remittances are the highest from any single country in the world.

He said our exports are decreasing day by day and cost of doing business is increasing a pace, starting new airline and air connectivity will help us to robust our exports and decrease cost of doing business.

He added By 2034 Pakistan’s passenger traffic is projected to reach 7 billion with a 3.8% average annual growth in demand. This is almost double the 3.5 billion estimated to have travelled in 2015 which highlights the prospects of growth

Arfan said start of a new Airline Flynas from Pakistan; is great economic news for Pakistani Passenger due to low fare passenger flights between two countries. He was hopeful that the airline will fill demand gap for quality and affordable flights by business, vacation and religious travelers to and from Saudi Arabia especially Hajj and Umar visitors.

Arfan Yousaf, ManzoorThanvi, Country Head Flynas, Ahmed Malick Managing Director TDCP, Rafique Khan, Chairman Bukhari Group distributed ten free Airline tickets to the people selected through draw.

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