Wednesday , June 26 2019
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PFA sealed a fake mineral water factory

Lahore : Punjab Food Authority has taken action against fake mineral water company for producing illegal and unhygienic water and pirating design and branding identity of a famous brand .

PFA Additional Director General (Operations) Rafia Haider said that more than 14000 filled water bottles and 17000empty bottles were confiscated during raid.

She said that harmful water bottles were being filled with tap water through direct water supply lines. These harmful bottles were being supplied not only in different cities but also in famous private sector institutions of the city.

Factory was situated in the area of Dosak ochowk, Lahore where huge quantity of water bottles had been recovered and discard on spot.

Rafia Haider further added that unhygienic water bottles are fatal for human health and cause various diseases. Thousands of bottles having potential of causing different diseases were being sold to consumers. She further requested people to carefully observe the brands and read details on bottles before purchasing.

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