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PFA founds six imported infant formula products mislabeled

Lahore : The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) found six infant formula products mislabeled as per infant formula regulations and ordered them to recall their product from market here on Thursday.

This decision was taken in order to ensure the implementation of Punjab Food Authority Infant Formula Labeling Regulation.

PFA Spokesperson told that all products had been imported from China but were being sold in market labelled as French and Nederland’s products. However, as per labelling regulations, a product having label of French and Netherlands product, must have been same country of production and match its standards.

He said that this decision was taken in the light of records that were obtained from concerned companies and FBR.

PFA has directed companies for removing/recall all stock of their products from market immediately. Failing to comply with directions, PFA will take strict action.

Three products of each company (Lactena and NeoLac) have been ordered to recall in Punjab. The sale will be allowed once these products bears same standards as of French and Netherland’s product.

PFA will allow only those companies to work which will fulfil the requirements of PFA Infant Formula regulation. PFA has requested citizens to avoid such purchase.

PFA will take strict action against responsible companies/ authorities in case their quality is different from the same product being sold in developed countries.

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