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Shahbaz Sharif to inaugurate construction of Road Bridge in Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will visit Mandi Bahauddin district on 25 January and inaugurate construction of Road Bridge over river Jhelum near Malakwal. He will also address a public meeting at Malakwal.

Talking about the chief minister visit, people here said the bridge was their old demand and its fulfillment would save time and reduce distance to travel from Pind Dadin Khan to Malakwal and vice versa.

About commenting Punjab Government performance, they said the CM did not complete his promises he made during election campaign. New DHQ Hospital project was sanctioned in 2004 and work on it started about eight years ago.

This project was left halfway and it has not completed as yet. Engineering and Technology College Rasul was upgraded Engineering and Technology University and classes were commenced about two year back.

Later the university was again downgraded to college and students attending university programs were forced to migrate to other universities. About roads infrastructure, the people said highway from Laither village to Miana Gondal had recently been completed.

They said it was also sanctioned during PML-Q government and its major portion from Gujrat to Laither was constructed during PPP Government with efforts of PPP parliamentarians of this district. With reference to government departments performance, they said their staff was corrupt and public suffers at their hands.

They misuse their powers with impunity and there is no check on them. Claims for improving police culture were also proved false as police culture has further corrupted and the poor get no relief from police.

Villagers also showed displeasure over revenue department performance. They said with opening land computer centers at thesil level, they have to take many trips of patwarkhana and the centre to resolve their problems relating to land.

Wrong Khewat blocks with changed entries in revenue records were fed to computer system and for their correction the land holders have to make several trips to the centers and revenue offices. Even obtaining copy Jamabandi and mutations takes one to two days since all counters in the centers do not function regularly, they complained.

They said long time back the CM ordered district administration to rehabilitate village ponds after removing encroachments.  But these orders were never implemented. Consequently said land mafia occupied them and constructed buildings.

In some cases villagers complained to relevant authorities but could not succeed in getting village ponds land vacated. They however acknowledged that with efforts of incumbent government power load shedding has reduced.

About supply of sui gas they said its unscheduled load shedding continue and when it comes its pressure is very low that is even not enough to prepare a cup of tea.

They said irrigation system has been paralyzed due to lack of maintenance and farmers face acute shortage of water to irrigate their fields.

They said farmers were facing several problems in carrying out farming. Pesticides are not only very expensive but also adulterated.

Other agriculture inputs like fertilizers farming equipment have become more expensive and expenditure on farming is more as compared to the cost of inputs and labor.

They urged the CM to take notice of the above points for necessary action.

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