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PML-N government is a complete failure on all fronts : Siraj ul Haq

Lahore : Ameer,  Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Siraj ul Haq, has said that the PML(N) government was a complete failure on all fronts and ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who had been wielding all the powers, was responsible for that.

Talking to the media after the opening session of the JI central Shoora at Mansoora, he said that the elections according to the schedule were the only way to steer the country out of the present uncertain situation.

Siraj ul Haq said that Nawaz Sharif had not appoint a full time Foreign Minister for over four years and instead kept the foreign portfolio with himself. As such, he was to be blamed for the government’s failure to have good relations with the neighbouring countries.

He said that the ousted Premier came into power for many times but failed to put any of the state institutions in order. He said that the PML(N) government was on its way out. Therefore, it should not take any major decision such as of the privatization of the PIA.

The JI chief said that the rulers’ blind slavery of the US resulted in the martyrdom of thousand citizens including the armed forces, and the country suffered financial loss to the tune of 130 billion dollars but the US was still issuing threats to the country.

He said that the JI stood with the PAT Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri for the grant of justice to the 14 PAT workers killed in Model Town and a high level JI delegation would join the PAT protest on Jan. 17. He said it was a matter of shame that the killers of fourteen citizens at Model Town were not traced nor any FIR was registered against them.

Siraj ul Haq said that rigged and engineered elections would not be acceptable to the  nation and any attempt to rig elections through ill gotten wealth and abduction of the election staff or to change the election results would not succeed this time.  He said it was high time to face the plunderers and thugs in the country’s politics in order to strengthen democratic system.

He said the general public had lost confidence in the democratic system which had failed to provide them basic facilities of life. However, he said, there was no option except to run the country in accordance with the constitution and to strictly observe merit.

The JI chief said that the JI petition for the accountability of all those named in the Panama leaks was pending before the Supreme Court as the accountability process was not  complete with the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

He said that the accountability would be complete only when the ill gotten wealth of the plunderers was recovered.

Siraj ul Haq said that the government, the police and security agencies had lost the public trust due to their failure to trace Zainab’s killers so far.

He said if the Punjab Chief Shahbaz Sharif strong nerves, he would have visited Zainab’s residence in the broad daylight and offered his sympathize to her father.

He said that police and security agencies considered the masses as insects and believed that their only duty was to protect the ruling elite. Therefore, the masses would have to arrange for their security by themselves.

Siraj ul Haq said that the JI had an honest and competent leadership to pull the country out of the present mess.

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