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PML-N wins PP-20 Chakwal by election

Lahore : PML-N has won the by election of PP-20 , PML-N candidate Haider Sultan got 75655 votes. PTI remained runner-up by getting 44702 votes with the support of PPP and PAT . The alarming sign was the incredible 19 thousands plus votes of fundamentalist religious party (TLYR) which secured third position in the contest.

Maryam Nawaz has congratulated the PML-N candidate and voters on comprehensive victory and challenged the opponents with typical slogan ” Rok Sako to Rok Lo “. She tweeted that no one can disqualify him who is qualified by the people.

Meanwhile ;Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has congratulated the PML-N candidate Ch. Haider Sultan over his success in by-election of PP-20 Chakwal and said that people have proved by succeeding Ch. Haider Sultan with majority that PML-N lives in their hearts.

The success of PML-N is a proof that people like our policies. The people have succeeded the politics of public service and the negative politics of baseless allegations has been rejected again.

He said the elements engaged in the politics of anarchy should learn a lesson from their continued defeats as the result of by-election in Chakwal is writing on the wall for those who are engaged in the politics of personal interest.

The defeated elements should realize that people now only want development and prosperity, he concluded.

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