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Imran Khan solely responsible for delay of metro train : Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore : Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif here today visited the under-construction Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute.

He expressed his satisfaction over the first part of the project and said in the first phase excellent parking area will be provided to patients and their attendants and special attention is being paid on the landscaping of the project.

Talking to reporters during the visit of the hospital, CM Shahbaz Sharif said extraordinary hard work has been done during the construction of hospital and this hospital will be milestone for the treatment of liver and kidney patients.

He inspected under-construction dialysis centre, pharmacy, outdoor, radiology, and other sections.

He said all construction work should be completed in time and there will be no compromise on the quality. He said ceiling of roofs will completed soon and every work will be of excellent quality.

He also held a meeting with nursing staff recruited for the hospital and asked them to serve the humanity with dedication and determination because their job is to provide comfort to patients. He said this hospital is being constructed under a new system and modern facilities will be provided to patients of liver and kidney.

He said the first phase of this unique hospital of South Asia will be inaugurated on December 25 Allah willing! He asked the nursing staff to talk politely and with a smile with patients, and treat them carefully because polite attitude is almost half cure for patients.

He said the aristocracy of the country enjoys best and modern health facilities while unfortunately a big population of the country is deprived of basic health facilities.

He said when a member of aristocratic class is ill he gets latest medical aid while poor persons die because of not getting medicines. He said this is disparity which we want to end and the difference of poor and rich should be eliminated for the welfare of the country and we have to end the difference of poor and rich to make Pakistan country of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.

He said the PML-N government has taken practical measures to end this difference and we are heading in the right direction. He said modern hospitals likes PKLI is big step towards this object and we want to expand this model to whole province. He said the administration of the hospital has promised that this hospital will be at the par with renowned institution of US Johns Hopkins and such hospital will not be in the whole South Asia and Pakistan was created for this objective and establishment of this hospital will give comfort to souls of Quaid-e-Azam and our forefathers.

In reply to a question, CM Shahbaz Sharif said higher courts have given stay orders on the project of Orange Line and we are bound to respect law, and we have respected law in the past and we will do so in the future.

He said when Aristotle was asked why he drank poison he replied that because he respects the law. He said we also have to respect the law. He said petitioners of PTI have created hurdles in the way of this mega public welfare project and the people are facing problems due to their petitions.

He said the petitioners of PTI have to be answerable in the court of Allah Almighty, the court of people and superior courts of the county. He said this mega project of public welfare is being opposed by those travel in long vehicles and their children are studying in costly schools.

He said these people do not wish that labourers, poor, widows, orphans, and workers of this country travel in good vehicles. He said only these people are responsible for delay in projects of public welfare of the poor and they have to give answer. He said politics of sit-ins has pushed us backwards and we will not be distracted by the politics of sit-ins.

He said opponents will keep impeding projects of public welfare, but we will do complete these projects and continue our journey of public service. He said in 2012-13 Tahir ul Qadri had started sit-ins and unfortunately they have started again and we will not be afraid of sit-ins and this hospital is the befitting answer to sit-ins.

He said those who had held sit-in in 2014 and did politics of lockdowns and they have no shortage of resources and they get medical treatment from foreign countries while a poor man dies miserably without getting medical assistance.

He said PTI has increased problems of the people of Punjab and Imran Khan Niazi is solely responsible for delay in Orange Line project.

Meanwhile, a high level meeting under the chief minister held at the site for the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute in which briefing was given on the first construction phase of the hospital. The landscaping and horticulture plan was also presented in the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, CM Shahbaz Sharif said this is unique project of Pakistan and we will follow this model in the future. Directing formation of a high level committee to review all aspects of the project, the chief minister said this committee should make roadmap of the future.

He said this model is way forward to improve healthcare system and the whole team is working in an efficient manner. He said he was happy to see progress on the project and this first phase of the project will start by December 25. He said he will visit regularly to review progress and directed to review arrangements for day-care centre and playing area.

Provincial health minister Khawaja Salman Rafiq, the chief secretary, health secretary, the president of the board of governors of the hospital, Dr Saeed Akhtar and concerning officials attended the meeting.

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