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Home-made food vital to save from diabetes : Prof. Ghias

Lahore : Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab has called upon the women community to ensure home-made food which is vital to save the people from diabetes, fatness and other diseases.

He said that control on diabetes is in the hands of the patients who can ensure proper care, regular treatment and better life style to meet the challenge of diabetes.

While addressing the awareness seminar held at Lahore General Hospital on the eve of International Day of Diabetes, Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab said that negligence in the in time treatment can result in heart attack, paralysis, blindness and feet problems.

He said that this year the slogan of international day is “Women And Diabetes, Our Right To A Health Future” and women have more responsibility on their shoulders to play role in controlling this rapidly increase disease in the society.

He said that if one woman is caught of this problem the whole family can be victim of it so we should expand this message to every house to opt all measures which can control diabetes.

Principal PGMI said that the Chief Minister Punjab has taken a great step of according Rs.6 billions’ medicines free for deserving people and this package also include the disease of diabetes and it would help at large to the poor and deserving ones.

Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab also lauded the role of media in creating awareness on diabetes and said that social media also playing vital in this regard.

Prof. Imran Hasan Khan and Dr. Maliha Hameed and other medical experts while addressing the seminar said that by avoiding smoking, balance diet, exercise and walk the disease of diabetes can be overcome and healthy life can be ensured with this problem.

They told that by the year 2014 internationally 42 crore people were caught of diabetes while in Pakistan every third person is victim of diabetes and in the category of A or B type of sugar.

They called upon that instead of going to non-professionals people should contact with the doctors and hospitals and go for the option of healthy life style and regular treatment.

In this awareness seminar Professors, Doctors, Nurses, patients and their attendants attended in a large number and also participated in the walk where they were holding play cards for awareness of general public.

Renowned TV artist Irfan Khosat specially participated the holding of such event in Lahore General Hospital.

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