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Brisk walk for 30 minutes can prevent from diabetes : Dr. saeed Quraishy  

Lahore : Expressing concern over the fastest growing rate of diabetes in Pakistan, Professor Dr. saeed  Quraishy  Vice Chancellor DUHS( Dow University of Health Science), said that the current rate of diabetes is more than twenty-six percent that will be increased to 40 percent in the next few years, we do not change our lifestyles, so It will go up to that percentage, he  was speaking at the seminar on world Diabetes  day at National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, ojha  campus of DUHS.

Earlier an awareness walk also conducted from main OPD to NIDE   led by Pro Vice Chancellor Prof.  Masroor khan . Prof. saeed quraishy said diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it is spreading like wildfire in Pakistan due to sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and obesity.

Daily exercise in form of brisk walk for at least 30 minutes can prevent and manage diabetes and many other diseases including hypertension and heart ailments.

“The theme of World Diabetes Day 2017 is Women and diabetes and it is because there are around 199 million known women having this disease but this number is likely to grow and in 2040, International Diabetes Federation estimates that there would be 313 million women in the world having disease” he said.

Prof.  Quraishy said there is a serious lack of awareness about diabetes in Pakistan although this deadly condition can be avoided, or at least delayed by promoting education and awareness among masses,

Especially women should be made aware of the reasons that cause diabetes so that they could not only prevent themselves but also their families.

Speaking earlier, Dr. Muhammad Shahid, associate Professor, said that insulin is very important in the treatment of diabetes. It is told about starting early onset of the disease’s complications so that during pregnancy.

It is also encouraged to use insulin to keep both the mother and the child healthy. Assistant Professor, Dr. Umar Khan, said that diabetes, the human body, produces the cause of an error in the production and supply of insulin. The major reason for this is a non-balanced lifestyle.

It is possible to preserve diabetes only and just by diet and health-care. Exercise exercises and regular use of medicines are very important for patient.

 Assistant Professor, Dr. M. Hassan, emphasized the importance of food and daily exercise, and told the attendants that if they adopt the habit of these two issues, then diabetes can be avoided by complications and exercise at least 30 minutes of light exercise.

Dietary caution has many benefits such as weight loss and cholesterol, decrease in sugar and blood pressure, and sugar medicines are also effective in better way.

Assistant Professor, Dr. Zareen  Kiran said diabetes affects all organisms of the body eyes should be treated, control and check-up for kidney disease, heart attack and stroke, for example, kidney tests examine eye checks and  foot examining the complexities can be predictable and thus can be avoided by large costs of complications.

On this occasion, gluco meters were distributed in 200 sugar patients.

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