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Shahbaz Sharif give Mughal emperor like appearance to MPAs

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the past rulers mercilessly plundered the resources of the poor nation and the people still remember the stories of their loot.

These rulers are responsible for making the country hostage to darkness that willingly delayed the projects for the sake of their lust, corruption and bribery and as a result, the country remained hostage to the darkness. Before giving any lecture about corruption today, such past rulers should first peep into their own conscience.

He expressed these views while talking to members of Punjab Assembly who called on him, here today.

The Chief Minister lamented that the past rulers ruthlessly pillaged the national resources and on the contrary, we have spent every penny on the public welfare. It is regrettable that the elements totally drenched in corruption are lecturing about corruption today. The country is hostage to the darkness due to the loot and plunder of such rulers of the past.

He said that the agenda of the elements involved in the politics of falsehood and baseless allegations is to promote chaos and anarchy in the country. The sit-in group always ignored the national interest for the sake of their personal interest and created obstacles in the way of public welfare just for the lust of power. The elements who have given priority to the personal interest have no concern with the national development.

He warned the agents of negative politics that the conscious people cannot be befooled as the nation cannot tolerate the negative politics of allegations and deceit. Our opponents have lost their political worth in the public due to their continued failures in their province.

The Chief Minister said that transparency has been ensured in development projects by the Muslim League-N government and added that billions of rupees of the nation have been saved through transparency, speed and quality of work. There is no other example of saving billions of rupees in the history of the country. The government of Muslim League-N has always done the politics of norms and given priority to the national interest. There is no other priority than national development and public welfare and our every step is aimed at ensuring bright future of the country and the journey of development will be accelerated in the future without giving any care to the elements doing negative politics.

He said that the elements doing the politics of allegations and sit-in will not get anything in next elections except humiliation. The people are fully aware and they will not forgive the elements stopping the process of development, concluded the Chief Minister.

Those who called on the Chief Minister included Provincial Minister Mehr Ijaz Ahmed Achlana, MPAs Rana Muhammad Tajamal Hussain, Malik Ali Abbas Khokhar and Malik Ahmed Karim Kishwar Langrial.

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