Monday , December 10 2018
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Awareness campaign about Smog launched at LGH

Lahore : To create awareness among masses about fog maximum steps should be taken and under the auspicious of Health Education Program of Post Graduate Medical Institute zero period has been started for the Allied Health Sciences School and Nursing students LGH.

It was disclosed by Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab while talking to media here at Lahore General Hospital.

He said that new generation should fully aware about the repercussions of smog issue and prepares themselves to meet this challenge.

Principal PGMI said that we all should control pollution and take steps individually and collectively. He said that fireworks are also main cause of polluting the air and we all should take the issue of smog seriously.

Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab said that old persons, pregnant women and children should take special steps to prevent them from smog.

Medical Superintendent Lahore General Hospital Dr. Ghulam Sabir said that including driving during smog we should remain careful in daily routine. He said that we should spray water around our houses, offices and premises and ensure that we avoid dust at all costs.

On this occasion doctors, nurses and students took part in the walk while participants were holding play cards to create awareness about smog.

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