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The takeover of October 12, 1999 was a conspiracy to obstruct development : Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore : The Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said the takeover of October 12, 1999 was a deep conspiracy to obstruct the journey of development and prosperity of the nation; adding that the nation is still facing the negative consequences of this undemocratic and unconstitutional step.

In a statement, the Chief Minister has said that October 12, 1999 was the darkest day in the democratic and political history of the country when a dictator dethroned the popularly elected democratic government through unconstitutional mean. He said the process of national development and prosperity has always been weakened during the dictatorial regimes and had the democratic process not been sabotaged during different tenures of national history, the country would have not been facing the acute problems today and the state of the country would have been altogether different, as well.

He said political workers and leaders suffering difficulties during the martial law tenure are our heroes. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N has always played an effective role for the strengthening of democracy and democratic institutions and added that solution of country’s problems lie in continuity of democracy and adherence to the constitution.

For the sake of brighter future of the democracy, we will have to give priority to the national development by setting aside personal stakes. Today, we should make a sovereign pledge that we shall not make any step against democracy and the constitution to succeed, concluded the Chief Minister.

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