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Inter Schools Sports tournament kicks off

Lahore : Opening ceremony of Inter Schools Sports tournament organised by Federal Government Educational Institutions Cantts and Garrisons FGEIs (C/G) was held in FG Public School for Boys No 1 Tariqabad Rawalpindi here on Tuesday.

Deputy Director Federal Government Educational Institutions Chaklala Region Col Saadatullah graced the occasion as chief guest, who was warmly welcomed by Sports Secretary Principal FG Public School for Boys No1 Tariqabad Irfan Khan Raja and the other heads of institutions of the city.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest expressed his views about the importance and the role of games for building the character of students. The Games created qualities like understanding, tolerance, discipline, spirit of sportsmanship, which was very useful in our practical life, he added.

Col Saadat advised the students to participate equally in sports along with their studies for mental and physical fitness.

The tournament included the matches of Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Bed mention, Table Tennis, Volley Ball and athletics.

While addressing to the players Chief Guest Deputy Director FGEIs (C/G) Chaklala Region, Col Saadat said, “It begins with the word ball, anything that is round and bounces. It evolves into the long driveway, throwing an orange ball into the mini-hoop. Even if the child misses, the father excitedly says “Great job!” If the child really takes an interest, it grows up trying out different sports until they’re old enough when they need more than just being able to throw a ball.

High school students would benefit from playing sports because it motivates them to perform well in school, encourages important life skills, and provides scholarship opportunities. Our students are the custodians of our future and country.

To this end we need to equip them with necessary skills to compete globally. It is high time to transform education into an institution that turns out young adults equipped with skills to be productive citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It is need of hour that we take a holistic view of education because the level of progress in our society in the future will be measured by the level of education of our children.

Education is our key to better life for all and future development of our country requires that students must be provided with the necessary skills and competence to be able to enter the job market and contribute to our economy.

This can be achieved by acquiring language skills, developing the technology and adopting of security, stability and prosperity throughout the world.FGEIs (C/G) kept on its outstanding traditions in the field of sports and maintained its excellence and edge over the rival institutions.

FGEIs (C/G) is one of the finest sports nurseries for producing and grooming sportsmen for National teams, and has been maintaining its tradition of excellence in sports and has produced hundreds of National and International sportsmen who represented Pakistan with distinction.

FGEIs (C/G) kept on healthy tradition of excellence in the field of sports and takes pride in maintaining high standard in every field of sports activities. FGEI (C/G) always play for the glory of sports and has the privilege to participate in all games. FGEIs (C/G) Directorate Rawalpindi provides ample sports and recreational facilities to the students, in such diverse fields as Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Gymnastics, Basket Ball, Table Tennis and athletics. FGEIs (C/G) Directorate Rawalpindi has also produced some of most outstanding sportsmen and athletics in the country who have represented Pakistan abroad.

The Opening Ceremony of Inter Schools Sports Tournament 2017 for Girls will be held today in FG Public School for Girls Lalazar Rawalpindi.

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