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Shahbaz Sharif is innocent ,Chinese Ambassador gives testimony

Lahore : Deputy Chief of Mission of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, Li Jian Zhao has stated in his tweet that Chinese Company Yabeite is not working in Pakistan; this company arranged fake letters to deceive the government and the company has been penalized for preparing such fake letters.

Meanwhile, SECP and China Securities Regulatory Commission has also verified in their formal statements that the results of Chinese Regulator’s investigations  have failed to provide any evidence that could show that Yabeite has any business  relations with any Pakistani personality.

Earlier, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has rejected the baseless allegations of alleged corruption in Multan Metro and challenged the accusers to bring out proof in 48 hours; adding that if it is true, then he may be prosecuted by the nation or the levelers of baseless allegations be strictly held accountable.

According to the Chinese Regulator, there is no proof of Yabeite’s business-deal with any Pakistani personality and the electronic media is involved in wrong reporting and propaganda.

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