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Over-eating is more dangerous for the patients : Prof Ghias un Nabi

Lahore : Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital Prof. Dr. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab has said that festival of Eid ul Azha demands precautionary measures from every citizen which would help them in saving them from diseases. He said that apart from joy and happiness we have to be careful in over-eating and use unhygienic food. While addressing the medical students on the topic “ Eid and our Responsibilities” Principal PGMI said that actual philosophy of Eid ul Azha is to distribute maximum meat to the dear and near ones and those who cannot afford it. Similarly, we should ensure proper cleanliness around us especially where the sacrificial ceremonies would be held.

Prof. Ghias un Nabi asked the ladies at home to cook food with light ‘ masalah ‘ and properly made which could be easily digested. He said that over-eating is more dangerous for the diabetic, blood-pressure and heart patients and it can be avoided easily.

He pointed out that our religion also teaches us to eat less than our requirement. He said that some diseases are brought by the animals but most of them are created by ourselves in which to freeze the meat is also one them.

Principal PGMI asked the medical students to observe the Eid festival carefully and inculcate these teachings in their education and social practice, as well.

Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab said that awareness in this regard is paramount and every citizen should play role in observing laid principles in Eid days which would minimize the chances of diseases and making the citizens safe.

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