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Railways to use stainless steel rolling stock

Lahore : “Pakistan Railways has decided to shift from carbon steel body rolling stock to stainless steel as part of its modernization move. Stainless steel is light weight, corrosion and fire resistant. We need tailor made bogies and stock according to our needs. We are looking forward large procurements and addition of new designs in building modern railways”.

CEO railways was talking to CRRC Tanshan Corporation Ltd China Delegation led by Hou Zi Gand, at Railway Headquarters Lahore.

The renowned company’s delegation visited Pakistan Railways HQ to offer its expertise in rolling stock manufacturing, during presentation, they told PR officers that the company founded in 1881 is one of the oldest railway stock manufacturing company in China with over 1000 engineers and 12000 employees, the company is credible for it has been cradle of China Railway and partner in its expansion through the country.

It is currently working in collaboration with US and Canadian rail authorities on different projects.

CEO Railways told them that Pakistan Railways in undergoing a metamorphic change that marks the era of new dawn in Railways. It has doubled its income from 18 billion to 40 billion within a short span of three years and purchased 55 new GE Locomotives from US.

Under CPEC agreements the TORs on up gradation of ML1 Railway Track are nearly finalized and things would be on ground soon, Pakistan railways old rolling stock is nearly obsolete and it is bound to look for new, better options to replace the stock that meet the demands of upgraded track and modernization policy.

He thanked company’s officials for showing interest in Pakistan Railways and presenting themselves for future collaboration. He said that in this regard rules and regulation would be followed strictly and companies shall be selected through proper transparent bidding process.

The delegation presented small gifts and souvenirs to the CEO and in return he presented shield and coffee table book on history of Pakistan Railways.

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