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Article 62 should be applid on judges and generals : Sirajul Haq

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that instead of abolishing articles 62 and 73 of the constitution, these articles should be made applicable to the judges and generals as well. He was talking to different delegations in Islamabad.
Siraj ul Haq said that the masses wanted to know against whom the government was staging protest. He said if the rulers were not accepting the courts’ decision, how could the supremacy of the
law and the constitution be established.

He pointed out that the heads of the armed forces and of the state institutions had been appointed by the former Prime Minister, and he could not hoodwink the masses by taking of conspiracy.

He further said that many of those who had been party to the abrogation of the constitution by Pervez Musharraf twice had been with the ousted Prime Minister in his government and had also taken oath in the interim government.
The JI chief said that the rulers themselves had strengthened the individuals and the families and weakened the parliament. The Parliament did not know where the internal and foreign policies of
the country were framed. Which forum had been deciding the Pak- US policy or the Pak- Afghan policy.
He said there had been several major tragedies in the country from time to time but those responsible were never determined. The policy that had resulted in the martyrdom of 65 thousand people and financial loss to the tune of more than one billion dollars had not been framed by the parliament, he added. The nation was never informed of the Humoodur Rehman Commission or the Abbotabad Commission reports.
Siraj ul Haq said that during the last seventy years, the country had been ruled either by the generals or two political parties. Dictatorship as well as so called democracy had destroyed the democratic institutions. Efforts were made to build individuals as heroes. The number of the factories,mills and palaces of the politicians had been swelling as if they had Allah Din’s lamp.

The JI however said that the political parties having representation in the parliament could ensure the supremacy of the law and the constitution. He said that unless and until, there was real democracy within the political parties, democratic system could not be strong in the country.

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