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Country is more important than constitution : Pervaiz Musharraf

Lahore : Former military chief, General Pervaiz Musharraf has said that whenever the martial law was deployed in the country, it was necessary for that situation, the army in Pakistan puts the country on track and the civilians take it out of the track.
Talking to the BBC in a special interview for ‘vision Pakistan’, with BBC Urdu’s Pakistani politicians, General Musharraf said people need jobs, prosperity and security,”Whether it is a Democracy or a dictatorship or communism or socialism,” he said.
He said in all Asian countries, wherever there has been progress only due to dictatorships. The Pakistanis also cured the dictators, but when they went, the Swallows drowned. See the records of the civilian governments and military governments. In the military dictatorship, the country has always developed.
In response to a question, the former president said that if the Election Commission did Liberty, but did not prosper, what was the benefit of it?
He said that Zulfiqar Bhutto was guilty of breaking Pakistan. Some charges also come to Yahya Khan but the country’s ten-year government has established record record development.
However, General Musharraf acknowledged that Zia’s era was controversial. ‘I will also admit that they push the country to religious extremism. They have made such a way that the influence is still on the country. But what he (Zia ul Haq) did, he did everything right against the Soviet Union, and helped the United States. “
He said that the army did not make money in the Afghan war, but some people who are buying weapons, distributing money in Afghanistan, some of them may be involved in making money. But the army did not make any money as an institution.
In response to a question, former General Musharraf said, the people themselves run and come to the army to rid our lives. People came and told me to spare our lives. I had take over on the demand of the people. ‘
He said that the Constitution is holy but ‘We can not eliminate the nation by saving the Constitution but the Constitution can be ignored slightly to save the nation.’
He said that Article six against him is not correct. Country was destroying ,, now I care the Constitution , what is written in Article 6,  or save the country … Hang me. ‘
General Pervaiz Musharraf accused former prime minister Nawaz that his Indian policy was a small cell out policy. “India is involved in Balochistan and whoever does not accept Pakistan, it will be against the country’s survival.”
In response to a question asked for the help of the country, the former president said, “I was the head of the army and I am sure the army always looks at my welfare.”

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