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PEF organized two days training workshop on Experiential Learning

Lahore : There should be great effort in educating and nurturing the child, making early childhood education critical not only for the development of the individual but the society as a whole.

PEF in cooperation with UNICEF is putting a lot of effort to improve the status of early childhood education across Punjab through its partner schools, this was said by MD, PEF Tariq Mahmood while addressing at a two days “Experiential Learning Workshop” here at Quaid E Azam academy for educational development, Lahore.

On behalf of PEF, Dy. Managing Director, PEF Imran Yaqub, welcomed honorable guests from UNICEF, Quaid E Azam academy for educational development and head teachers/teachers from PEF school partners.

He further said that a child’s brain develops in childhood at an astounding rate and it is important for children’s brains to become highly developed for learning, repeated experiences are essential. Connections become stronger and more efficient through repeated use. ECE initiative is also helpful to inculcate the habit of going school in children, he further added.

Deputy Managing Director Imran Yaqub in his address said that PEF is striving hard to impart quality education to the destitute children across Punjab. Through ECE PEF is now playing a role in providing learning and education services to children. He further added that ECE plays a pivotal role in preparing young children for their schooling and enhanced learning.

The workshop was objected to improve knowledge on ECE among school owners/head teachers, teacher and communities and to share lessons learnt in ECE project.PEF head teachers, teachers, caregivers, monitoring staff, master trainer, and staff of Quiad E Azam academy for educational development, PEF officials and education officer UNICEF Asim Abrar ,attended the workshop.

Director CPDP (Continuous Professional Development), PEF Ms, Ayesha Nauman while addressing the session said that currently PEF is providing early childhood education in our selected partner schools. Children are made stronger when they have daily opportunities to develop both large and small muscle skills, have the chance to practice developing social skills, and interact directly with their environment.

She further said that PEF is providing extensive training opportunities to the teachers of our partner schools, involved in imparting ECE, and a special ECE kit has also been distributed among these schools.

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