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Panama leaks case would determine the future of Pakistan : Siraj ul Haq

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Siraj ul Haq, has said that the Panama leaks case would determine the future of Pakistan and decide whether the country would have a democracy or a king.

Talking to the media outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday, he said that in an Islamic society, no one was above accountability but Pakistan was the only country whose rulers thought they were not accountable to anyone.

Siraj ul Haq said that the Prime Minister’s counsel was trying to present Nawaz Sharif as an innocent man but such tricks won’t save the Premier. He said that the ruler’s own words were proving their guilt.

He recalled that President Mamnoon Hussain had said that the Panama leaks was something from Allah and the divine rod was now striking all the corrupt. He said it was quite difficult in this country to challenge the ruling elite but nobody was mightier than Allah.

Siraj ul Haq said it had been proved once again that the ruling family was involved in corruption and there were contradictions in the statements of the ruling family members. The ruling family had been using their official position to amass wealth.

Moreover, he said, the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was a marvelous person who had been building his personal assets but had made the nation bankrupt. The Finance Minister had not paid his taxes honestly but had been demanding others to pay their taxes.

Siraj ul Haq said that the counsel of the Prime Minister had nothing to defend their client and were simply wasting the nation’s time.

He however said that accountability should not be confined only to politicians and all those named in the Panama leaks including the non politicians and the judges should also be brought to Ehtisab.

He wished that the court decided the case within this week and added that if the case was decided in the light of articles 262 and 63, the rulers would be disqualified.

He said that the rulers had been considering the courts a toy but the judiciary today was independent and the whole nation stood behind the court.

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