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Rescue team to get ready for flood operation : DC Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal) : Deputy Commissioner Hafiz Shaukat Ali has directed in charge rescue team to inspect ferries and boats being operated for carrying passengers across rivers Jhelum and Chenab to ensure their fitness.

He was holding a meeting of District disastrous management committee at his office the other day. He said ferrymen should be clearly told to stop ferry operation when the rivers are flooding and ferry driving is risky.

He also constituted a joint team comprising AC Mandi Bahauddin and Municipal Committee chief officer and tasked it with carrying out survey of old and dilapidated buildings in the city and adjoining localities. Residents of obsolete and dangerous buildings and houses may be sternly asked to vacate the houses during raining to save their lives and households from damage, he stressed.

We cannot take risk of losing lives of citizens by allowing them to stay in dangerous buildings during rainy season and in flood prone areas, he added.

According to weather forecast between 16 and 21 July heavy spell of rain with thunderstorm would continue and all precautionary measures have to be placed on ground to mitigate effects of floods and heavy showers, he stressed on the meeting participants.

Heads of all district departments including representatives from civil defense and rescue team 1122 attended the meeting. Taking advantage of the meeting he directed the participants to tell people not to go near the place where oil tankers meet accident.

The previous evening an oil tanker and truck collided with each other on Mandi Bahauddin – Sargodha Road near Chak 25, resulting into damage to the tanker. Spilling and leakage started and petrol flowed on the road.

On receipt of information the DC and DPO Umar Salamat reached the place of occurrence with rescue team and police personals and the area was cordoned off before people in the vicinity gather for collecting the spilling perrol.


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