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JI to launch campaign for “Accountability of All”: Liaqat Baloch

Lahore : The Jamaat e Islami has decided to launch an “Accountability of All” movement and also to organize the masses for a “Corruption Free Pakistan” campaign.

A high level meeting held at Mansoora on Thursday, with the JI secretary General Liaqat Baloch  in the chair, decided to hold rallies and public meetings all over the country stressing the need for across the board accountability.

The meeting noted that the JIT report had proved that besides the present rulers, the past rulers, the bureaucracy and the elite holding high offices had been looting the country with both hands and transferring the illegal wealth to their bank accounts abroad.

The meeting reviewed the situation created after the JIT and the progress of the case before the court.

Speaking on the occasion, Liaqat Baloch said that the constitution and the supremacy of the judiciary were above everything else. He further said that accountability was no threat to democracy. On the other hand, strict and across the board accountability was inevitable for political stability and the democratic system.

He said that the Prime Minister and his friends were warning the nation of martial law only to escape accountability and to prove themselves innocent.

He said that the JI was determined to carry its drive against corruption to its logical end and all those who had plundered public money would be brought to book and the looted money recovered from them.

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