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Traffic warden saved the life of a girl at Lorry Ada

Lahore : Chief Traffic Officer Lahore SSP Rai Ijaz Ahmad announced commendation certificate for the traffic wardens who saved the girl from committing suicide and handed over her to her parents in Lorry Adda area.

He said on the occasion that Traffic Wardens earned a great virtue by failing the suicide attempt of the girl that’s why Traffic Wardens deserve appreciation.

Traffic Wardens are not only providing best transport facilities to the citizens but they are serving humanity as well and the credit goes to the Shaheed DIG Capt. (R) Syed Ahmad Mobin.

According to details, 16 year old Saira the resident of Haripur was trying to commit suicide intentionally by coming in front of speeding vehicles in front of Greater Iqbal Park, in the meanwhile on duty Traffic Wardens Zaman and Usman endangered their lives and saved the girl from falling under the vehicle.

Traffic Wardens asked her the reason to commit suicide; the girl told her name Sara and said that she ran away from home due to bad attitude of parents and domestic issues and wants to commit suicide.

Traffic Wardens told her the importance of life, contacted her parents and handed over the girl to the Police Station Lorry Adda.

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