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Fastest growing Population of Pakistan is alarming : PMA

Lahore : 11th of July, is the World Population Day. Pakistan is one the fastest growing Population in the World, at the moment around 220 million and in years to come the country will be the fourth most populous in the world.

PMA thinks that it is an alarming situation as at the moment 60% of the National Population stands below the age of 25yrs, 25 million children are not going to school and 90% Population is not being provided with clean drinking water.

Needless to mention here the country has a shameful record of not being able to eradicate Polio. The child and mother mortality rate is highest in the region. Burden of diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, Communicable Diseases, Cancers (especially oral), Kidney failure, Cardiac Diseases are on rise. Overall educational system is at the verge of collapse.

We are not able to built educational institute to accommodate the poor segments of society.

Malnutrition is another big issue and food scarcity is a big problem. PMA believes that the unchecked rise in the population is a looming disaster, and concrete step should be taken to implement family planning and make people friendly economic policies to overcome these difficulties and save the coming generations.

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