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Imran Khan attends Shah Mehmood’s son marriage ceremony

Lahore : Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said that who ever came to PTI from PPP,PML-N is called spoiled egg , I will personally give party tickets to the candidate after getting public feedback for next election.

talking to media at Shah Mehmood’s son marriage ceremony , Imran Khan said he will start giving party tickets after the JIT report in Pana Leaks. ” I am congratulating the Pakistanes upon the ending of dark night and emerging on the new Pakistan”,he add.

Imran Khan said those who become politician under the umbrella of General Gilani and General Zia ul Haq ,were teaching us the lesson of democracy , these people should not befool the masses in the name of democracy, powerful were facing the law which never happened before.

The Chairman PTI said those who taken money from ISI,were crying for democracy,these people were mafia who damage pakistan more than the enemies.” I do not have any problem with any journalist except the Media Don who was trying to save the culprits after taking money from them” “I am enjoying the crying of the thief, Imran Khan maintained.

He said Saad Rafiq has made all the money through prize bonds,he count not understand the Panama Case, If Sharif Family could not give satisfactory answers of 13 questions then they would celebrate their next Eid in Adiala Jail.

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