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Shahbaz Sharif constitutes medical board to treat the ailing kids

Lahore : Three siblings of a Johar Town family who have been suffering from some complicated disease called on Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, here today along with their parents.

The Children included 19 years old Nida Shahid, 17 years Ahmed Zubair and 12 year Aiman Shahid.

The Chief Minister extended his heartfelt sympathies with the children and told that medical board has been constituted for the treatment of these children. In the light of recommendations of this board, treatment of these children would be arranged. He assured that government would do everything for their treatment in the light of recommendations of the medical board.

While talking to the children and their parents, the Chief Minister said that arranging best treatment for the children was his obligation and prayed that may Almighty Allah fully recover them. The Punjab government will perform every possible step for the treatment under the recommendations of medical board. He also expressed his affections and shook hand with the children.

Father of the children Shahid Zubair and his wife thanked the Chief Minister for the constitution of medical board to treat the ailing kids. They termed the Chief Minister Punjab as poor-friendly and said that his services for the ailing humanity will be fully rewarded by Almighty Allah.

The Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif also sought information about the complicated disease from the parents.

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