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Qatari Prince gives reply of JIT second letter

Lahore : The Qatari prince, Sheikh Hamad bin Jasim also gave reply of the second letter by Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed to probe Panama case.
According to sources, the Qatari prince had offered the JIT to come to Qatar for his interview, saying in this connection dates might be consulted through embassy.
In his second letter the prince said that he is stick to his early stance. He said that when the first letter of JIT came he was abroad. He said that the Pakistani ambassador had conveyed the letter and he had replied on his return to Qatar which was received by JIT through Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He said that in the letter he was asked that he owns the letter provided to the Supreme Court and he answered in affirmative. He said that his visit to Pakistan is not necessary
According to sources the JIT had written a letter to the prince on May 19 and had asked him to appear before the JIT on May 25.

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