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Government is employing a policy of designed conflict with institutions : Hafiz Aakif Saeed

Lahore (PR): “Our government is persistently employing a policy of designed conflict with other institutions of the State of Pakistan.”

This was said by the Ameer of Tanzeem e Islami, Hafiz Aakif Saeed, in a statement. The Ameer noted that our government had embarked on its latest misadventure of a premeditated clash with the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC).

He added that from the day that the SC had started its probe of the possible involvement of the ruling family in the Panama Leaks Scandal and the subsequent formation by the apex court of a Joint Investigative Team (JIT) to probe the matter further, various ministers of the ruling party had been maligning the Judges of the SC and slandering members of the JIT as part of a deliberate effort to undermine the hearings and findings of the judicial apparatus on the issue, but the threat made to the families of the aforementioned by PML-N senator, Nehal Hashmi, were not only uncivilized and criminal, but appeared to be the starting point of a clash between state institutions that could be deadly for Pakistan.

While commenting on the recently announced federal budget for the fiscal year 2017-18, the Ameer called it a ‘purely anti-masses and evidently business-friendly’ one, in which the minimum income of the poor had been increased by a meagre Rs.1000 at the expense of the billions allocated for the ‘benefit’ of the rich and powerful.

The Ameer also lamented the Rs.1363bn allocated for the repayment of interest on foreign loans and the Rs.1480bn deficit in the budget. The Ameer concluded by remarking that these figures meant nothing other than further debt burden on the nation and further disintegration of the economy of our country.

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