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All operations of the Punjab police have been automated : Dr. Umar Saif

Lahore : Punjab Information Technology Board is providing assistance and training to the Sindh Police for the automation of police, which has digitalized 50,000 criminal cards.

Dr. Umar Saif Advisor to the Punjab Chief Minister, Chairman PITB said during an informal chat with media persons here today.
Dr. Saif further said that the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has given special instructions to extend assistance to the Sindh government to benefit from the Punjab experience. Almost all operations of the Punjab police have been automated and 712 police stations of 36 districts of the Punjab Police have been digitalized, which were successfully extending services to the citizens, he said.
He informed that the Punjab Police has successfully identified 4027 suspects through Punjab PITB’s Hotel Eye application, since its formal launch in January 2016.

Hotel Eye is a web based system built by PITB for Punjab Police to log the check-in and checkout in hotels along with personal details of visitors. It was rolled out in phases i.e. pilot was launched on experimental basis in Lahore in Jan 2015 live, while upgraded application was formally launched on Jan 1 2016 and extended throughout the Punjab province.

In 2016, the Hotel Eye identified 1476 persons, among them 1072 with criminal record, eleven (11) 4th scheduler and 393 nominated in different FIRs.

During 2017 till to date, the Punjab Police identified 2551 persons with police record, among them 1282 having criminal record, thirteen (13) 4th scheduler and 1256 nominated in FIRs.

This system is being used across Punjab in around 1650 hotels. To-date, 679,984 check-ins have been logged in the database.

The Sindh Police appreciated the efforts of the PITB team, who visited Karachi to implement the Criminal Record Management System (CRMS) and established an independent server for Sindh Police in order to record and identify criminals on the basis of their biometric details. Over 50 thousand criminal cards have been digitized and registered into this newly established system.

The PITB team also visited Sindh High Court and CPLC to integrate their data of criminals with the Sindh Police CRMS. A full demo of the system was given to the senior police officials. They also visited FIA to gather requirements for FIA systems.

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