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Hair Strengthening Medicine Works: Dr. Hanif Saeed

Karachi: Pakistani doctors say latest research has proved hair strengthening medicine works while putting aside prevalent thoughts and assumptions in Pakistan about the authentic hair growth medicine.

This was informed by prominent hair transplant surgeon Dr. Hanif Saeed, who was talking with journalists at Karachi Airport along with delegation from Karachi including Dr. Fateh Naseeb, Dr. Piyar Ali Momin and Dr. Pervez Iqbal after returning from international conference on hair transplantation, Haircon 2017, Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Hanif said Minoxidil (generic name) was used in cardiology earlier; however, its amazing results on hair strength had made it a top choice for Trichology (related to hair and head surface).

He further said that his dissertation in the conference was about hair transplantation from various parts of body on head surface. He shared abstract of his experiences with hair transplantation of 1000+ people.

Dr. Hanif, pioneer in hair transplantation from lower chin and chest hair, said he was aware of reservation of religious circles about transplantation, so he had taken edicts (Fatwa) from different school of thoughts.

“Hair on chin and chest are quite strong, but used only if donor area of affected person is hairless,” he said and added that earlier such persons are suggested to use wig.

Other delegates termed Dr. Hanif’s experiences useful besides expressing determination to thesis promote the work in future.

Dr. Khawar Nazeer, a member of Pakistani delegation, presented his on psychological impact of baldness on affected person.

Giving details of the thesis, Dr. Hanif said it was out of doubt that bald people suffer from psychological disorders, majorly due to assumptions spread by quackers.

He stressed upon the need of psychological analysis of such person saying Finasteride (generic name) medicine did not affect nervous system of men.

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