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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif roars like lion in Layya

Lahore : Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while defusing all the roamers about his govt and roar like lion in Layya. Addressing a charged crowd ,amid the sky touching slogans of “Sher  ,,, Sher” PM Nawaz Sharif rebuffed his political opponents and and announced development schemes and supply of Sui gas for the city.He lashes the political rivals and said Layya has made him happy as crowd sitting on one mile length is bigger than ten time of Islamabad “jalsi”which was shining with lights and empty seats.

He invited the critics to come and see the mega crowd at Layya which attend the PML-N jalsa.

Despite scores of problems , Nawaz Sharif looked firmed and confident to settle all the problems being faced by his government.He said that his politics based upon the services of the masses , the opponents should come forward and serve the people in true letter n spirit rather to hatch conspiracy against the democratic system.

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