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Shahbaz Sharif announces development package in the local bodies’ convention at Faisalabad

Lahore : Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, while announcing the establishment of Information Technology and Skills University and metro-bus service in Faisalabad, has said that metro bus service would be a wonderful gift of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the people of Faisalabad; and this project would be completed by working day and night on it. The establishment of Information Technology and Skills University would educate lakhs of children of Faisalabad, and it would be a landmark project in the history of Faisalabad.

Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif announced this while addressing the local bodies’ convention in the auditorium of Agricultural University Faisalabad today.

Chief Minister said that work on metro bus service in Faisalabad would be started this year; and the metro bus project in Faisalabad would be completed by working day and night on it, as like the metro bus projects completed in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad and Multan.

He said that the elements terming this speedy, secure and economical travelling facility as ‘jangla bus’ and alleging corruption, have planned to start this bus service in their province after four years of useless agitation. We are happy over it. Metro bus project should be initiated, but for the sake of God, do not insult the people of Pakistan and humanity by terming it as ‘jangla bus.’ Metro bus service has provided best transport facility to the laborers,  workers, orphans, widows, lawyers, clerks and doctors and these people are reaching to their destinations in a respectable manner through metro bus service; and therefore, these people should not be insulted by terming this bus service as ‘jangla bus.’ You can term this bus service as ‘Changla Galli’ in your province, because it is a beautiful place of the KPK.

He said that politics of agitation has badly damaged the economy of Pakistan. On one side, there are people who have damaged the national economy through agitation; while on the other side, the country has been moved to prosperity under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said that energy producing projects are being efficiently installed under the leadership of Prime Minister and the speedy completion of these projects has no resemblance in the seventy year history of the country.

The foundation stone of 1200 megawatt gas power plant in Bhikki was laid in September 2015; the foundation stone of 1200 megawatt Haveli Bahadur Shah gas power plant was laid at the end of 2015; while the foundation stone of 1200 megawatt Balloki gas power plant was laid at the end of 2015 or at the beginning of 2016. Work on these three projects is continued speedily and these projects are near to completion.

The Bhikki power plant would start generating electricity from next week. On the other side, Neelum Jhelum power plant was launched in 2002. Work continued on this project during the regimes of dictator Musharraf and Asif Zardari, but this 950 megawatt electricity project is still incomplete.

The initial assessment of this project was Rs.80 billion which has been increased to Rs.500 billion. He said that the elements indulged in the politics of agitation and corruption have ruined Quaid’s Pakistan; and are unnerved as the electricity projects are being completed speedily under the leadership of Prime Minister. He said that 7000 megawatt electricity would be included in national grid due to completion of different electricity projects at the end of current year. This would remove the darkness being faced for twenty years. Now this darkness would turn into light. Lakhs of people would get employment.

He said that Rs.112 billion of the poor nation has been saved in gas projects and added that there is no example of saving Rs.112 billion in the history of the country. It is prove of transparency of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as well as a wonder of his leadership. On the other side, there are plunders who ruined the nation. Zardari sahib claims that the CPEC was started in his regime but the Sharif Brothers are taking its credits. The nation wants to know that if Zardari sahib initiated CPEC or Gwadar projects, then why you forgot to lay the foundation stones in your regime and why work was not started then. Zardari Sahib do not befool the nation. This nation has faced different difficulties during seventy years, and this nation is saddened.

He said that the vegetable market in Faisalabad has been relocated but people are still occupying the state land. Information Technology and Skills University would be established here by retrieving the land from these people. Work on this project would be started this year, and it would be completed speedily. He said that latest technology is need of the hour and future of Pakistan is associated with I.T.

The Punjab government has promoted I.T. Latest technology is being used in land record management information system, police stations, hospitals, agriculture, education and other sectors. He said that Faisalabad is a mega industrial city of Pakistan and the establishment of I.T and Skills University would prove a landmark project in the history of this city.

Chief Minister said that Faisalabad is the second most important city and we would provide more facilities, and this city would be made more beautiful. He said that emergency block of children’s hospital has been inaugurated and this hospital would provide best facilities to the children.

He said that this hospital is being completed with billions of rupees and latest machinery has been arranged for it. This hospital would be completed in September this year. He said that an expert was needed for providing quality healthcare to the children in this hospital. I, therefore, contacted High Commissioner of Pakistan in the UK, without wasting anytime, and asked him to contact with Pakistani doctors working in different parts of England. Our team would go to England within a week and the doctors would be brought to Children’s Hospital Faisalabad on the salary acceptable to them.

He said that foundation stone of safe city project would also be laid in Faisalabad, and this project would be completed next year. He said that construction and restoration work of farm to market roads would be completed with an amount of Rs.90 billion by June 2017. This would revolutionize the rural economy. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has given historic Kissan Package in which Punjab government has also put its share. He said that the prices of fertilizers have been decreased to facilitate the farmers and their loss has been compensated.

He said that Punjab government has given historic Kissan Package for development of agricultural sector and increase in per acre yield. The program of providing interest free loans worth Rs.100 billion to small farmers is continued successfully. He said that billions of dollars investment is being made in CPEC under the leadership of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, and we need to make Pakistan a great country by uniting under the leadership of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif to take maximum benefit of this investment and we would also play our role so that Pakistan could get a respectable place in the comity of nations. Federal and provincial ministers, MNAs and MPAs from Faisalabad, lawyers, industrialists, traders and people from different walks of life attended the convention.

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