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Government is promoting higher education sector : Syed Raza Ali Gillani

Lahore : The Punjab Government has unveiled the roadmap of improving the overall quality of higher education institutions in the province. This roadmap is aimed to sufficiently improve the educational standards so that the students could excel through the strong support provided in shape of education and research-based activities. For this purpose, Punjab Government has been continuously promoting higher education sector so that this tier could be developed according to needs and requirements of the international standards.

Provincial Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gillani said this while addressing the Science Exhibition, 2017 at the Queen Marry College on Wednesday.

Highlighting the importance of higher education in the overall national development process, he said that higher education institutions conspicuously strengthen the agenda of national development and prosperity by developing students as talented youth-leaders to handle the national affairs in their practical life. Higher education improves an individual’s quality of life. It is also a critical component of human development, worldwide. In fact, education empowers them to grow as confident and forward-looking leaders.

The Punjab government has continuously been promoting the higher education by providing sufficient funds to encourage research and innovation related activities, he added.

The Minister further said that women, being half of the total population, are very pivotal in national development; and added that their education was being given equal importance. The science projects displayed in this exhibition shows that our girl students have rich talents which should be fully exploited. He hoped that the promotion of co-curricular activities, including holding of such exhibitions, will further strengthen the students with enhanced intellectual ken and future-vision to prosper in life.

In addition, there is growing evidence that higher education, through its role in empowering youth, building institutions, and nurturing favorable regulatory frameworks and governance structures, is vital to a country’s efforts to increase social capital and to promote social cohesion, which is proving to be an important determinant of economic growth and development. He also visited different stalls and appreciated the high-talent of the students who designed useful projects covering various spheres of life.

Earlier, the Principal of Queen Marry College Dr. Irfana Maryam gave a detailed presentation to the Minister about the educational activities and performance of the college. Later, the Minister distributed prizes among the students showing good performance in the exhibition.

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