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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to hold Cabinet retreat in Alberta

Toronto : The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced that he will hold a Cabinet retreat in Calgary, Alberta, from January 23 to 24.

During the retreat, Cabinet will discuss how to build on all the accomplishments made in 2016, and how to continue creating good, middle-class jobs and delivering economic growth that is felt from coast to coast to coast.

The retreat is being held in Alberta as part of the government’s ongoing efforts to show Canadians – from all regions of the country – that their needs and aspirations are being listened to and factored into decisions being taken. During the retreat, the Prime Minister and Ministers will discuss their plans to further grow the middle class, create more opportunities for Canadians to succeed, and help build the Canada of tomorrow.

“I am delighted to hold this year’s first Cabinet retreat in Calgary. We know just how important Calgary, Alberta, and all of Western Canada are to our country’s shared prosperity and growth, PM Justin Trudeau said.

The Prime Minister said that our government will continue to strike a balance between the economy and the environment, and to responsibly get our resources to market so more hardworking Canadians can get back to work.

He added that “to the citizens of this great province, I say: we recognize how important you are to the future of Canada, and we will continue to work together to bring about real and positive change for you and your families.”

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