Thursday , July 19 2018
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Bandits on rampage in Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal) : Crime of rustling and theft is on rise in Mandi Bahauddin District. During last night four incidents of theft and rustling took place.

Thieves entered the house of one Ashraf in village Laidher and after breaking locks took away gold ornaments and cash worth Rs 450,000. Reportedly Ashraf was sleeping in adjacent room at the time of theft. Imran resident of Jholana runs a bakery in his village. Bandits at night broke in the Bakery and took away cash amounting to Rs 60,000 and valuables lying there.

Third incident took place in Murala village where rustlers lifted a buffalo worth Rs 150,000. The same night in Gohri village a goat worth Rs 30,000 was stolen from the house of Mst Ameer Bibi. Besides, the people are looted in broad day light and deprived of cash, mobile phones, motorcycles and other valuables.

Alarming situation of rising crime has increased a sense of insecurity among the inhabitants. They have demanded of government to take appropriate measures to ensure protection to their life and property.



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