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Happy Christmas to the whole Christian Community

Lahore : Provincial Minister Khalil Tahir Sandhu has extended warmest wishes for a peaceful, as well as a happy Christmas to the whole Christian Community living in Punjab and Pakistan as it is the occasion of celebrations to lighten the candles of peace, for getting our all differences.

In his message on Christmas eve and birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mr. Sandhu said that Quaid-e-Azam (RA) was the greatest champion of human rights of the Minorities of sub-continent as it was the priority of his manifesto in creation of Pakistan to ensure full rights of Speech and worship for all Minorities without any discrimination of cast and creed, providing them equal rights of progress and prosperity.

The Minister said that the Christmas period is a special period for all of us belonging to every religious segment. It is a time of celebrations, of closeness and of hope. A time, too, to focus on the message contained in the story of a Child in the manger, born to parents without a home, and reliant on the hospitality of strangers. He said Christmas demands us to help and join the vulnerable and poor families in its celebrations promoting the brotherhood, religious harmony, compassion and tolerance. The birth of Jesus Christ resonate to us in our present world and circumstances, holding as it does a message for all of us, regardless of our circumstances or faith: A message of challenge to moral action, one of optimism in our capacities for a new beginning, and it is a message of peace. We need courage to depart from what has not served us well, and we need the inspiration to make new connections with each other with open hearts for peace and solidarity of our country .Our solidarity is the heart beat of our society. As one nation, our bonds are stronger than we think, and will get even more stronger with the passage of time. Christian Community is playing a pivotal role in the progress of the country and serving in every department including national defence presenting countless sacrifices for the country.

Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that, together, we will continue to seek to build as a true nation of which our forebears dreamt, embracing the values, possibilities and responsibilities contained in that dream. Punjab Government is endeavoring to ensure rights of minorities, providing them equal opportunities of progress with its concrete initiatives.

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