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The Apex Court summons Din News Management to malign the judiciary

Din NewsLahore : The Supreme Court on Saturday condemned the contents of news package aired by Din News.

The apex court also issued a notice to the Din TV management and other respondents and fixed the matter on November 28.

Reference a news package and footage aired by Din News TV Channel on November 18 alleging that a private meeting between Justice Amir Hani Muslim and Senator Nehal Hashmi held regarding Panama Leaks case pending before the court, the Supreme Court, in a press statement,clarified that the news item was totally false, baseless, concocted, stage managed and figment of the mind of the reporter.

“Such misleading stories based on character assassination campaigns and casting aspersion on character and conduct of any dignitary through media trial are condemnable that sensationalize a non issue. Therefore, the news package is condemned in the strongest possible words,” it added.

The statement said Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali had taken strong notice of the issue.

The notice was taken on the note of Registrar that based on transcript and CD of news package aired by the Din TV Channel on 18.11.2016.

The note stated,”The news channel has maliciously tried to malign the judge and brought on media something which has never happened. This amounts to a dirty attempt to tarnish the image of this august court which is extremely damaging for the judiciary as a whole.

“The news channel has deliberately tried to create sensationalism by claiming that it has succeeded in getting this news exclusively and by doing so the channel has created suspicion in general public about an issue of national importance which is subjudice before this court.

“This is a clear case of contempt within the meaning of Article 204 (2) (b) of the Constitution, read with Section 3, 4 and 17 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance, 2003 (V of 2003).

“Further, it is a deliberate attempt to damage the reputation of this august court, as the news package has been uploaded on the social media which has elicited unwarranted comments from the public. The contents of the news package are totally baseless, ill-intended and stage managed.

“The airing of such news on TV channel about a subjudice matter is nothing but to malign the institution of judiciary and to bring the court and judges into hatred, ridicule or contempt. It further tends to prejudice the determination of a high profile case. Therefore, the said news channel has tried to obstruct the judicial proceedings being conducted by larger bench of this august court.

“Showing deep concern over the issue, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has directed the office to issue contempt notices to all concerned (i.e. reporters, anchor person, producer, director news, management of Din TV News Channel and any other person(s) behind this mischief) immediately for their reply / concise statements and appearance before the Court on November 28, 2016.”

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