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Donald Trump victory celebrated in Mandi Bahauddin

donald-trump-victory-celebrated-in-mandi-bahauddinMandi Bahauddin (  Sher Gondal) : Landslide victory of Donald J Trump in US presidential election was celebrated here in a ceremony arranged by Manzoor Tarar and Muniba Kousar Advocate at their chamber in District Judicial Complex.

Speaking on the occasion Manzoor Tarar said Donald J Trump is upright leader and agent of change. He ran a movement namely Trump train and its destination was White House. En-route he came across formidable hurdles but kept the train going. Neglected people desiring a positive change got aboard train and with passage of time their strength kept increasing. US establishment, media and of the world acted, accused for flirting women launched false propaganda against him but his resilience and determination did not give in. His charismatic personality coupled with forceful speeches attracted voters under his flag and finally he won the election. He paid him glowing tributes for his grueling efforts and great leadership qualities demonstrated in movement for change.

He also praised Sajid Tarar who was part of Trump’s election campaign and offered benediction at National GOP Convention asking God for help and protection for Donald J Trump. Muniba Kausar said a team including her went to US under leadership of ex District and Sessions Judge Muhammad Hussain Maken to support Sajad Tarar in election campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

She said the team members met their relatives in US and persuaded them and their contacts to support and vote for Trump. She hoped with Donald Trump as its president USA will prove blessing for the globe and its people. When asked she said she stayed with her husband in America and came back a few days ago. Maken with other team members is still there in US.


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