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Hundreds of teachers go on strike in Mandi Bahauddin

hundreds-of-teachers-go-on-strike-in-mandi-bahauddinMandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal) : Hundreds of teachers went on strike on Monday and after closing schools held protest at King Road Chowk to condemn government for its anti teachers policies.

The traffic remained suspended for more than three hours on Mandi Bahauddin-Phalia and Mandi Bahauddin-Sargodha Roads.

The protesters were carrying banners inscribed with their demands and picture of the deceased teacher who according to them died of depression caused by the EDO. Teachers’ leaders said EDO Education called Akhtar Hussain, in charge Government Primary School Sahna in his office and after rebuking, suspended him from service for dropping out of some students from the school. Akhtar Hussain was so depressed and disappointed that he died on the same day.

They held EDO responsible for death of their colleague. They said the teachers do their duties with dedication and motivate students to study for their better future. Unfortunately the students from poor families do not attend schools regularly as they have to extend helping hand to their parents for earning livelihood.

They said on dropping out of students, inquiry is held and it is routine that in charge school is found guilty and charged for trial. Suppressing and punishing teachers for dropping out of students is not justified. They said they have resorted to strike and took to streets as there is no other way to draw attention of their bosses to resolve their problems.


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