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The civil society protest over worst environment condition in Lahore

protest-aganist-smog-in-lahoreLahore : The civil society has protested over the worst environmental condition in the metropolis.The activists staged protest outside the provincial environmental authority and demanded immediate steps to clean the city environment.

Meanwhile; Punjab government has directed all the concerned institutions to go on high on alert to cope with the situation arising due to smog in different cities including Lahore. The experts have advised people to wear masks on face as a precautionary measure while leaving their homes and wash their eyes with fresh water after every half an hour.

Secretary Environment Capt.  ® Saif said that in East Punjab, after harvesting paddy crop, the fields are set on fire for cleanliness purposes which creates smog and air pollution. He said that due to direction of the air from east to west, this smog also effects the environment of Pakistan. He said that there is a season of fog or smog from November to February every year which continues for ten to twenty five days.

He said that currently smog has covered Indian areas including Amritsar, Ambala and Delhi.

Secretary Environment said that after rain, the dust and smog particles come to the earth. He said that government has imposed a ban on setting on fire the waste after harvesting the crops.

Professor Masood said that smog affects nose, ear, throat and respiratory system besides there might be irritation in the eyes. He said that children and elderly persons are most affected from this situation. Therefore, smokers and the persons suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases should avoid coming out in fog and inhale steam.

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