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Special committee submits its report regarding “Smog”

smog-in-lahoreLahore : The 20-member special committee set up on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has presented its initial report on smog.

According to the report, central and eastern areas of Punjab are under smog due to weather and environmental changes.

The special committee has also evolved its initial plan for dealing with the situation and recommended that travelers on main highways should adopt precautionary measures while citizens should avoid coming out unnecessarily to save themselves from ill effects of smog.

Moreover, special arrangements should be made for children as well as ailing and elderly persons while patients of chest diseases should take special care while coming out of their houses and use mask for protection against pollution.

Similarly, drivers should avoid travel in darkness to avert traffic accidents. The medical experts have recommended that eyes should be washed with fresh and cool water again and again in case of irritation.

Meanwhile, steps are also being taken on the instructions of Chief Minister, for controlling environmental conditions causing smog.

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