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I am delighted with the Courts and their stance : Imran Khan

imran-khanLahore : Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said that “I am delighted with the Courts and their stance”. They told NAB for not performing their duties , the judges said we will do justice, they are ready to investigate Nawaz Sharif it was the moment I thanked to Allah,Imran Khan maintained.

Addressing the public meeting at Democracy Park,Islamabad,Imran Khan said that these people have unleashed enough violence and terror, there were no weapons amongst PTI workers, the only weapon found from my supporters was Sheikh Rashid’s cigar.The country will develop when this cancer of corruption is chemoed, They corrupted institutions to protect their own corruption, Installing puppets to manage them, PTI never practiced politics of violence in 20 years, Imran Khan said.

Fazal ur Rehman, in past you were making money from diesel permit, now you taking money from Nawaz, Imran Khan alleged.

PTI chief used foul language against PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif too.

PTI chief said that Pervaiz Khattak has become a hero of the nation.They increased the debt of Pakistan from 6 billions to 23 billions 4 times an increase to the debt in all Pak history.PPP and PML-N have colluded with each other on corruption. If NAB was working it had caught PM on corruption.

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